About Rosemary

Unveiling the Writer

After a career of running two different businesses, Rosemary Roenfanz began writing later in life.  Upon reading Hilary and Chelsea Clinton’s The Book of Gutsy Women, she realized there were so many more fabulous females who needed to be recognized.  Thus, 365 Days of Gutsy Women was born. 

Writing during a pandemic was both challenging and exciting.  Unable to travel to see her three children (Eric, Jen, and Charlie) and four grandchildren (Zane, Connor, Brady and Weatherby Rose) she kept busy with her reading/research, writing, music, feeding birds, singing in choirs, and hiking. An avid exerciser, Rosemary lives in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert with her beloved 16-year-old cat, Truman.

She welcomes hearing from friends and family as well as readers.